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Conoce Masters of Anima juego de estrategia y acción frenética


A world where the essence of life called anima can be controlled by individuals called masters, it is in this world that Otto will have to discover his powers and defeat the great Zahr and his huge army of golems once and for all. This is Master of Anima

Well, so far, it is quite clear the intentions of this game, like many others, you will control a character that little by little can do more and more, eliminating enemies and exploring different maps, but what makes this game unique is its graphics and its mix of game type dungeon crawler and RPG.

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games , bring this new adventure now available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch and PC , in which you can dive into a story full of action, adventure and command up to 100 guards against the enemies with only your fingers, Master of anima, is a strategy game with MOBA dyes, like League of Legends, when it comes to fighting on a screen with several enemies, you will have to act fast and choose your strategy to master the battle.

Now available for consoles and PC, I leave you with your launch trailer and waiting for the review in future installments.

Referent: Focus Home Interactive

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