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Jugado: Masters of Anima (Reseña)

When evolving such as Pokémon, in the videogame industry I now focus more on giving a more personal and practical approach to the games I review, this time all talking about Master of Anima a new game distributed by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Passtech Games .

This game tells the story of a certain Otto an apprentice of Anima, layers of materializing creatures for defense and attack, these creatures will be your allies in the fight against the golem, enemies of the world of Spark, invoked by Zahr, the great enemy of this game.

The most interesting thing about this game is its gameplay, although its aesthetic is beautiful , its mechanics are more, with simple commands you can execute orders to all your allies, you can organize them to attack together or one by one , you can also choose all those of the same type to improve your attack strategy.

However not everything is great in, Master of Anima, to be a console game it does very well, but it falters in the points that a PC will always take the win, I mean the type of input, a command against a keyboard; to make some advanced commands you have to use some buttons altogether, and in the heat of the battle there are times when you can not do the combinations correctly as you would with a keyboard.

But despite some weaknesses when facing more than 3 golem, the other aspects of the game are beautifully designed, with great experience as Passtech Games can.

Referent: Focus Home Interactive

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