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Coffee Crisis, Salva el WiFi y los vídeos de gatitos de la invasión alienígena!

Games like Coffe Crisis put years of experience in video games to work, all mixed as if it were the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, Mega Cat Studios (yes that’s the name of the developer) has put to work their nostalgia and show us this new video game created with passion.
The story is simple, good, as simple as you think a race of aliens called «The Smurglians» wants to steal from the earth its best comforts, WiFi, metal music, the best coffee, and of course the videos of kittens … Now it’s personal.
You will have to fight in the purest style of beat ‘em up, classic of the games of Double Dragon or the ninja turtles, against all the alien enemies that you find in your path, with powers of a barista , like a big sack of coffee beans and a coffee machine. The characters Nick and Ashley will be responsible for all the chaos that happens in this game, characters that you can play with your friend in a cooperative on the same screen.
Your keyboard will be the inanimate witness of the keyboards that you will have to achieve to overcome the different levels of the game, do not press them hard as this does not work, I have already tried it; Clearly the game was designed for two people , who can play on the keyboard or with their respective commands, highly recommended if you want your keyboard to survive the experience.
The mechanics are simple as they were in those days , the graphics are sensational perfectly capturing the Genesis style and with an extra, however, it does not have visual aids that facilitate and improve the gaming experience, everything happens so fast that you will have to die several times, before being able to continue through the levels.
The guys at Mega Cat Studios have created a respectable gem for Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, you can even buy a cartridge on their official website . That is working nostalgia.
Referent: Mega Cat Studios
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