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Descubre esta extraña novela gráfica llamada Monster Prom

After a pleasant surprise in a mailbox from PR of Beautiful Glitch, to play this interesting game called Monster Prom I have to reveal that the graphics was the first thing that caught me in this game, I decided to try it, here the review of Monster Prom developed by Beautiful Glitch and distributed by Those Awesome Guys (not really, those are their names).

Although this graphic story may come to an end in just 40 minutes , you have only really started playing it, since the game requires several passes to enjoy it in its entirety, depending on whether you want to find all the secrets or if you just want to pass the little while.

The different characters are beautifully designed , with everything you could wish for, a beautiful fire girl, a strange brown man with circles like an eye and a little friend on the back, the classic zombie, and the most classic still undead that resembles about the way to Frankenstein’s girlfriend.

Even more great , are the characters that you can interact with during the game, from a rampant sexy ghost, a great werewolf, a demon from the underworld, a rare vampire and of course, a mermaid princess and an apathetic jellyfish.

Monster Prom is full of rebellion , I never saw anyone go to school and that was still 6 weeks before the dance, all your actions and decisions will shape the end of the game, and of course the opportunity to go to the dance, with that monster that you have put your eye

The coolest thing is the different «adventures» in which you can get involved or looking for the love of that special being, like arriving at a party with a boat, even using a corpse as a fashion accessory, everything will depend on the style as you use it .

You will have several opportunities to fall in love with the different candidates for the dance, but you can only go with one, so in the end you will have to choose one to go, or just go alone, that there is also that option.

Each character has its special character, whether it’s a party all day, a school kill, or simply the muscle of the class, every conversation you’ll notice your tastes and you’ll be able to «give them your side » and earn points with that character.

I assure you that this game is not a line , even if the end is the same, the trip is worthwhile.

Monster Prom is now available for Mac, and PC in steam at a very low price.

Referent: Beautiful Glitch

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