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Infinity Wars ir a verla si o no?

In this line of work one is forced to taste the newest and most gleaming of the video game industry, now, the only real escape are the movies , movies that do not have to be analyzed, or to make a review, however here we are, writing and you reading about this review of Inifity Wars that more than review are some thoughts that I would like to express.

Clearly, the criticism was flattered in flattery for tape that so far has raised about 630M dollars , according to portals such as Forbes and CNBC, and with a rating in «rotten tomatoes» of 84% somewhat punished by the most selective critics of the big screen and with a metascore of 68 from 52 reviews.

Finish the arc that Marvel had been creating since we saw in the screen the first film of Iron Man in the 2008 is almost to close , Infinity War has put in the balance the gauntlet of the infinity and has seen how all the pieces have fallen in their place one by one.

Captain Marvel to leave this 2019 is the next film to wait, where the story of our avengers will continue, or maybe not, we still do not know what the plot of this new film will be.

Marvel has unleashed a shower of compliments, as well as a sandstorm for the most reluctant inhabitants on the Internet, as expected a tape cataloged as the most anticipated this year , we have finally seen it and in my humble opinion That a sublime sensation.
Although at times, having so many great characters from the Marvel universe on a single screen, causes our attention to be divided every 10 minutes to understand what is happening with each of them, Marvel never let go of our hand and took all the action scene movie action scene , accommodating us second by second for when, scream, when to get excited and when to cry, all created fantastically within the celluloid.
Thanos , the character created by Jim Starlin was never thought to be so important in the universe of Marvel movies, at first Thanos would not be a supervillain, but in the end everything fit so that this worthy representative of Saturn’s moon will reach as far as is now; his purpose, to bring balance to the universe , as he once wanted to do on his home planet Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, where he assured that his planet would perish if something was not done about it, he suggested eliminating half of the population at random, this way the death of his world would be stopped, he was labeled a homicidal and lunatic, the planet died shortly afterwards.
Now Thanos, travel through the universe collecting the stones of infinity, which gets, no spoiler there, but what to do with them later, they will have to see it on their own.
For anyone outside the world of comics and movies, Infinity Wars is an excellent film palomera, with many explosions and special effects wholesale, maybe something advanced, if you want to start in this world, but after all a great movie to enjoy, let’s wait for its release in physical and streaming to see it again and again in our homes, and thus identify a lot of the details that we overlooked or simply that we did not see being in the movie theater with hundreds of other people . A totally recommendable movie , and also much more recommendable is to read the comics of the arch of Infinity , that dictates what more or less will happen in the second part of the film of Infinity Wars.
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